Different Ways For Controlling Animals In Oakville

Why Is It Important To Animal Proof Your Home?

Wildlife often finds shelter in our homes, as it is an easy source of shelter, food, and warmth. As autumn approaches, opossums, raccoons and squirrels, will be more likely to move inside our homes in anticipation of the winter season. It is important to make your property animal-proof with the help of Animal control Oakville before the cold weather arrives.

Common Animals Found In The Attic Are:

  • Raccoons
  • Squirrels
  • Flying pests, such as bats and birds.
  • Rodents include mice and rats.

Tips To Keep The Animals Away From Your Home

These tips will help ensure that your home is safe from curious animals via the basement or attic.

Ventilation Using Screens:

Uncapped chimneys, broken vents, and other holes around the foundation are the most common ways squirrels and raccoons enter homes. Ensure that everything has been properly screened to prevent wild animals from taking up residence in your house.

Live Animal Traps For Capturing Animals:

Live animal traps are a compassionate and efficient way to capture unwanted animals when they enter your home. If your state or province laws allow, you can use live traps to capture and re-allocate the animals to a safer place far from your house. Animal traps make sure for quick and safe captures. They target the animal according to its size, preventing any unintended catch.

Electronic Repellents:

These electronic repellent devices are non-invasive, non-toxic alternatives to potentially hazardous pesticides and chemicals. They are increasingly popular these days as these devices can be either solar- or battery-powered and are great tools for keeping animals away from your house/property.

Covering The Garbage Cans:

Numerous nuisance wildlife, including raccoons, will gather around garbage piles left outside. Ensure to use plastic containers with a tight lid. It prevents the animals from the feast on the leftovers.

Reduce The Number Of Plants On Your Property:

Small wildlife, such as squirrels and small animals, use trees to reach rooflines. From there, they can gain access to move inside. Trim down any branches or tree limbs that hang too close to your house. According to the standard practice, plants are best placed between 6-8 feet minimum from the roofline.

Clear Your Yard Of All Debris:

You must remove all the leaf piles, brush heaps, and any other waste from your yard. These materials can be a great place for small creatures to hide. As a safety precaution, firewood should be kept at least 20ft away from your home during winter.

Keep The Bird Feeders Away:

You should ensure that only birds have access to the bird feeders. Birdseed attracts many animals, including squirrels and raccoons, as well as opossums and bears. It would help if you placed birdbaths in places where they are not easily accessible by small animals. If you live in an area with a limited water supply or a dry climate, fountains and birdbaths can attract wildlife to your property.You can find out more tips here about keeping the wildlife in the wild.

It is more difficult to get rid of wild animals once they have entered your home. They can also pose a serious health risk by spreading diseases like rabies or biting if they feel threatened. It is important to call professional pest control or wildlife expert if you are experiencing problems with wildlife.

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