Choosing the best laminate floorings: Be mindful of these factors.

When the choice of laminates is in question, several factors make up the final choice; and strangely enough, there is nothing like an all-purpose laminate flooring solution for the entire house. Unfortunately, lack of proper knowledge and poor judgment of requirements often ends many investing in the costliest laminates that might not even be required for their homes in the first place. Hence, it is imperative to understand the space’s usage and requirements that need flooring; and then decide the laminates that should go with the floors. Professional laminate flooring mississauga highly recommend a set of factors that must be considered before choosing the laminates. Review here a few cleaning methods for laminates that also add to the overall purchasing criteria.

This article discusses in detail the multiple factors that should be given a thought while deciding on laminate flooring for your home. So, without further ado, watch what factors maketh a perfect choice.

Know these laminate flooring basics

Laminate floorings are available in different wear layers that are measured in AC ratings. The AC ratings are nothing but the thickness of wear layers broadly classified from AC1 to AC5. Each successive layer increases its wear layer thickness by 60 %, with AC5 laminate flooring the thickest and the most durable of all. Here is how various laminate floorings are used in the construction industries based on their AC rating.

AC1: These floorings are strictly for light residential purposes, and most of the stores seldom sell these laminates due to their inferior quality.

AC2: These are best suited for floors having lightfoot traffics and are perfect for average residential constructions.

AC3: The AC3 rated laminate floorings are the most popular laminate choices at the stores. Many stores begin their products from AC3. These floorings are best suited for residential applications.

AC4: These are highly recommended for commercial establishments where the foot traffic is considerably high or for residential purposes where durability is a primary need.

AC5: AC5 is the most durable of all and is used in constructions that demand high durability. But, experts feel that opting for AC5 would be unreasonable for residential applications.

Incidents of higher AC rating laminates being swapped with inferior qualities are rampant in the country, and experts are warning consumers to be aware of these frauds. Always purchase with the experienced sellers in the town.

Restrain yourselves from ‘Higher rating-higher durability’ purchase

It is common to get tempted with the durability and the higher wear layer features. But it is also important to consider the flooring that needs the laminates. If you have a commercial building where foot traffic is huge, it makes sense to invest in AC5 laminate floorings. But if the choice is for your home, then this is overkill.

Apart from being an expensive affair, the higher AC ratings can also cloud your floors and make the flooring prints less visible. So ensure that your residential floors are layered with AC2 or AC3 rated laminates for a durable and less cloudy look.

Water-resistant features are a good investment.

Experts recommend investing in laminates that offer waterproofing or water-resistant features in their products. These features are considered one of the main reasons why the laminate flooring lasts long and looks good for many years. Waterproofed laminates with lower AC ratings exhibit more durability than higher rating laminates with no waterproofing. In addition, the thick backer board in a waterproof laminate floor absorbs all kinds of water spills and makes the floor durable.

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