June, 2021

Office Coffee Solutions: Some Tried and Tested Tips and Tricks

There must be a better way to get a great cup of coffee at work. The world of coffee is changing, and it’s a good thing. In the past, office coffee was bitter and stale. It would sit on a hot plate for hours before it was poured out into a mug. Bygone are these days, and we have enhanced Office Coffee Solutions now!

If you’re concerned about office coffee, you can learn more here on how to find the perfect coffee provider.

High-quality Bean Species – Benefits your Health

When it comes to the health benefits of coffee, the quality of your beans is a thing to consider. Specialty coffee made of higher-quality arabica beans come with more healthy components than low-grade robusta beans.

Although roasting coffee beans has a minimal impact on the beneficial compounds present, there is not much of these that is lost by roasting a level high.

For instance, higher levels of antioxidants are found in lighter roasts than they are in darker roasts. Darker roasts replenish antioxidants such as vitamin E and glutathione. Hence, the bean variety is the contributing factor here when it comes to health!

A new study has shown that coffee consumption is linked to many positive health benefits, as listed below.

  • Minimizes risk from certain kinds of cancers, especially colon cancer.
  • Lessens the chances of developing liver problems are lower.
  • Lowers risk of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.
  • Chances of developing Type 2 Diabetes are lower.
  • The risk of heart disease and stroke is lower.
  • DNA that is less prone to damage.

Freshly Brewed Gourmet Coffee – A great way to shoot up productivity
Did you know that caffeine triggers a cascade of benefits similar to a domino effect that directly contributes to productivity? Do you know how?

It works like this: Caffeine increases alertness which improves cognitive function giving visible RESULTS. Let’s explore a bunch of benefits that directly relates the productivity at the workplace!

  • Caffeine speeds up the transfer of information between our brain and body that eventually stimulates our brain and nervous system and keeps us more alert, and improves our cognitive abilities.
  • Your problem-solving skills and decision-making skills are also greatly improved.

How about the ability to recall things?
Studies have shown that caffeine can also positively affect your retention. The perfectly prepared office coffee can make you a quick-thinking and results-driven productivity engine that gets things done.

However, to get the best out of coffee, you need to consume the right amount. You will feel alert and energized without feeling jittery and stay more focused.

While the right amount varies from person to person, it could be anywhere from one to six cups of coffee per day. You can experiment with different amounts of coffee until you find the right one.

Ground or Pre-Ground Coffee – Keep the choice simple.

Some of the issues that may have stopped managers or business owners from offering their employees the best office coffee solutions that include:

  • Grinding and storage for coffee
  • Brewing
  • Cleaning and maintaining equipment
  • Ordering

Here are some simple ways to tackle the specifics mentioned above.

Grinding and storing Coffee Beans
You don’t have to grind coffee at work if you find it too bothersome. All important factors are the quality of the beans, how the coffee was stored, and when it was roasted. For instance, the coffee provider that we opt for should roast the beans every day and grind them just before packing, pack it in resealable zip bags, and send it all the same day. This would allow your coffee to stay fresh for up to 4-6 weeks without any flavor loss.

Purchasing your own machine
There are many office coffee solutions that are not too expensive, easy to clean, and require minimal maintenance. But owning one is a better option, considering the numerous benefits it offers. Below is the criteria to look for:

  • Are you looking to brew for large groups of people?
  • Are you a small business and only want to brew for a few people at a given time?

Cleaning Your Office Coffee Equipment
Below are some instructions for cleaning and maintaining your office coffee equipment.

  • Make sure you include maintenance and cleaning when you purchase your equipment and ensure that your office coffee provider offers training, cleaning supplies, and immediate support whenever you need it.
  • Identify the one dedicated and engaged person who will be in the role of office specialist. You might also consider establishing a shared “rotation of duties,” which could help your office foster a coffee culture.

Selecting the best Office Coffee Provider

  • Look for a coffee company that places emphasis on customer service when choosing an office coffee provider.
  • Look out for a reputable supplier of office coffee solutions whom you can consult for:
  1. Placing an order
  2. How to make a brew
  3. How to clean
  4. Receivables and billing
  • Ensure that your office coffee suppliers will spend the time to teach you how to make the best coffee.
  • Is your coffee provider customer-friendly?
  • Ensure they can complete your orders on time and correctly.
  • Check out their testimonials and customer feedback as the best office coffee shops have customers who are open to giving positive feedback.

Best gift ideas for a visually impaired kid

Gifting ideas are probably the biggest dilemma every individual faces once in a while. While it is not possible to satisfy every expectation, worthy ideas can streamline your gifting options. The ideas elaborated in this article will help you find the perfect gift for your visually impaired loved one.

From Hallmark Recordable Books and books in Braille to Braille games, you will find a broad range of gifting ideas perfectly categorized in this article. You could also gift something endearing and unique that costs you zero dollars. Find more here a range of gifting ideas from audio recording to photo projects that cost you the minimum and bring out the best smile from the receiver.

Best gifts to give to your visually impaired loved one.

The article compiles the best gifts you could gift anyone who is visually impaired. These gifts are classified according to their usability.

Braille books
Holidays are perfect for reading books. Gift your loved ones with books from the National Braille Press and Seedling Braille books with an amazing range of children’s books in large and small prints.

The National Braille press proudly announces its vast collection of Braille books for kids of all ages. Their collection consists of books from board books to bestsellers. A gift package containing the annual subscription to Children’s Braille Book Club would be the loveliest gift you could ever give a child.

Seedling Braille books are also offering an amazing collection of books from fiction and non-fiction to poetry. Gifting a subscription from Seedling Braille would also offer the recipient learning aids and other Braille gifts.

Braille alphabet games
If the gift recipient is a toddler, then a gift comprising Braille letter games would be ideal. Here are a few brands that sell some of the best Braille letters on the market.

  • Braille Alphabet Tiles: This wooden product has alphabets and Braille printed on the wooden tiles. Toddlers learning alphabets would love to receive this.
  • Uncle Goose Braille block: Also a wooden product, the alphabets, and letters are printed in Braille. The product releases toys with American Sign Language blocks as well.
  • Sensational alphabet cards: These alphabet tiles have ASL signs, Braille letters, sniff and scratch features, allowing the kids to learn while having fun.

Alphabet games are also available in magnetic tiles format.

Braille toys and games
Exceptional teaching aids, independent living aids, maxi-aids, and APH ( Games, Puzzles, and toys) are few resources that produce Braille toys and games. A few popular games are:

  • Playing cards: These are large Braille printed cards for kids.
  • Chunky shape puzzles: This game has various shapes, each labelled with Braille printed words.

Perkin Scouts has also released numerous fun games for visually impaired children and kids with other disabilities.

Auditory storytelling ideas
Recordable storybooks: Auditory books are the most trending gifting ideas for the visually challenged. Recordable Story Books enable you to record any story in your voice. This can help listeners to enjoy the books more, as their acquaintances are narrating them.

Talking picture frames is yet another audio product. The picture frame is used to record the voice of your loved ones.

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