March, 2021

Using A Commercial Locksmith For Your Business

Locksmith business involves picking, planning, mounting, and handling mechanical and electronic locks. A little security goes a long way in protecting your business. Commercial locksmith London, Ontario, provides security installation services for commercial buildings like offices, schools, hospitals, etc., and conducts periodic maintenance visits. Though it is important, not everyone can afford it. Some non-profit organizations or victims of crime who cannot afford a commercial locksmith service can benefit from the ‘Lock It Forward’ program. Find out more about it here. With a constant desire to learn and stay up-to-date with the technology, locksmiths perform services like a lockout, re-keying, and custom security locks for your business. Let us explore some of these services here.

The Need For Commercial Locksmith Services

Safety and security are the top priority for business owners. Whether it is a small office or a skyscraper, or a manufacturing unit, business leaders invest in security systems to protect their people, equipment, and property. Locks are the first line of defense for any building. When you acquire a new building for your business, you should change the locks to protect your valuables. Misplacing keys is a common issue, and a commercial locksmith can help you make a replacement key. Rekeying your locks, installing a master key system, and lock repair are some of the key services offered by professional locksmiths.

Re-Keying Your Locks

When you fear that your key is with some disgruntled laid-off employee or a cleaning team whose services you have discontinued, then re-keying the locks is the best way to protect your property and inventory. Rekeying changes the lock mechanism so that the old key will not open it. The locksmith will alter the key pins in the lock and charge you for the services, which is cheaper than changing the entire lock system.

Repairing Damaged Locks

A lock gets damaged due to various reasons. A burglar may tamper the locks during an attempt to steal, or an employee may bend the key in the lock while trying to open it. Even normal wear and tear can weaken the locks and make it easier for attackers to pick them. With the right tools to fix the damage, a professional locksmith can help avoid the costly lock replacement project.

Master Key System
A master key system allows enterprises with various locks, such as office buildings, hospitals, and multi-occupancy buildings, to open all locks with a single master key while ensuring total security in each location. The locksmith will carefully plan out the hierarchy and design keys with varying levels of authority. A master key system provides convenience without compromising the safety of your business.

A commercial locksmith service can help you simplify access control and restricts unauthorized access to your property. Hiring a trustworthy locksmith can address all lock and key concerns for your business. From common problems like damaged locks and misplaced keys to improving your building security after a break-in, a commercial locksmith can help you keep intruders out and safeguard your business.

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